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2020 family camp has been cancelled
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Welcome to Eureka's Redwood Christian Center
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Dear Family Camp Attendees,
The rule of law here in Humboldt County is, if you are coming in from another county, or state, you must abide by the 14-day shelter in place (confinement) law at your place of residence. It takes 14 days for this virus to reveal itself in ones body. This makes it virtually impossible for us to assemble for Family Camp with the majority of our attendees coming from other areas. Those with facilities for recreation, campgrounds, etc., are to "cease non-essential operations at physical locations in the county; prohibiting all non-essential gatherings of any number of individuals; and ordering cessation of all non-essential travel of individuals."
It is so disappointing for us to have to make this decision, as Family Camp is the highlight of our summer. As you are refreshed, so are we. We feast on all the manna received through the ministry during family camp. Also, the fellowship we have, and the awesome meals we enjoy, make Family Camp a very special place in our hearts.
Our love and prayers to all,
Pastor Dewey and Meta Davis
July 26- July 30, 2020